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About Acrome


Acrome was founded in 2013. Our name stands for ACcessible RObotics MEchatronics. Acrome is a worldwide robotics education provider with different options in hardware, software, services and contents. Our mission is helping academia and schools to train future talented engineers with our innovative solutions.


Over 200 institutions from more than 30 different countries take advantage of Acrome lab equipment and solutions to train future talented engineers and conduct research. Now it is the right time to provide remote access to our robotics education systems for complementing the distance education objectives. We are providing a real lab experience with complete open-source software, physical hardware, and companion courseware.

We are proud and happy to be a part of future talented engineers' success with our innovative lab solutions.

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More Accessible

You can access Acrome’s high-end experiment systems anytime and anywhere using Acrome Remote Lab. 

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Zero Maintanence Cost

Opportunity to work with durable and robust products which are always maintained, never deteriorated, damaged, or outdated. Besides, there is no additional cost for this! 

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Always Up to Date

 With a great number of users comes greater service! Since our systems are used round the clock globally, their contents are also developed in the process. 

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