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Accessible online hands-on experiments for control and mechatronics.

In Acrome Remote Lab;
There is no time and place limit to
on your own.
A new venue for lab assignments & courses.
Click here for self-demo. Schedule an available session and try!
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More Accessible

You can access Acrome’s high-end experiment systems anytime and anywhere using Acrome Remote Lab. 

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Zero Maintanence Cost

Opportunity to work with durable and robust products which are always maintained, never deteriorated, damaged, or outdated. Besides, there is no additional cost for this! 

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Always Up to Date

 With a great number of users comes greater service! Since our systems are used round the clock globally, their contents are also developed in the process. 

One-Click to Enroll or Create

We provide ready to use fundamental courses in control and robotics. In the meantime, you have the flexibility to create your own content.

Book Your Session!

Select the date and time suitable for you. Book the session, then instructions will be sent via email. Follow the instructions to access your online laboratory session.


Control & See the Action! In real-time

Use MatlabⓇ/SimulinkⓇ environment on your own PC and connect to Acrome Remote Lab. This session is fully yours. 

Develop your code, run and observe the system in real-time like you are doing physically in the lab.


How to Use Remote Lab?






Trying Session

Click FREE Session button to book your trial session. Get familiar with Remote Lab now.

Students and hobbyists, you can access Remote Lab at anytime and from anywhere as many hours as you would like. 50% off during the beta period.

5 USD/hour

2.5 USD/hour

For Individuals

Interested in Remote Lab for educational programs? Click the below button to get into contact with us.

For Institutions

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